Bring Back My WhatsApp!

Today, I woke up to a very strange update from WhatsApp. Apparently, the team behind the app thought it was a good idea to add a functionality where you can post your status in pictures and text which appear for 24 hours before its deleted.

There’s another app that does that: Snapchat.

Snapchat app – Image Credit:CNET

Snapchat has that same functionality where users post pictures and videos and people can view them for 24 hours before they disappear.

At this point, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook (who bought WhatsApp) are basically trolling Snapchat at this point by stealing Snapchat’s famous feature.

But here’s my question: Who wants this in their WhatsApp??!!  This is a bad update (in my opinion). I think it ruins the user experience. Why would anyone want to post their status and have it disappear after 24 hours?!

But beside the point, why did they remove the “Contacts” tab from the top navigation bar? If I want to access my contacts, I have to press that tiny “chat” button just to see my list of contacts.

I’m sorry but I don’t think this new update adds any needed functionality. WhatsApp Status updates were fine before they implemented this new update.

I don’t know what is Zuckerberg’s deal but I liked WhatsApp for what it was: A simple communication tool to talk to family and friends all over the world. But now they’ve put “Snapchat”  in my WhatsApp. I don’t even use Snapchat. I understand that the young kids love it but it’s not for me.

Mark Zuckerberg, you already “stole” Snapchat’s stuff and put it on Instagram. Now you’re putting those same features in WhatsApp? No thanks.

Just bring back my old WhatsApp. Please….


6 thoughts on “Bring Back My WhatsApp!

  1. LOL. I’m loving this “Snapchat-in-Whatsapp” protest movement. By 10 am today, I already had a dozen status updates to view. People are already finding ways to put it to use. But I personally do share your objection to it; it’s annoying…

    1. People are definitely going to be posting updates. I’m just wondering how they will go between Instagram and Whatsapp/Snapchat and Whatsapp etc.

  2. important.
    because i detest this new update too. lol

    especially the fact that i cannot put up a static text status update now, it seems.

    Do people really like these 24 hour pics and vids thing THAT much?
    First instagram introduced it, now whatsapp?
    i must be getting old

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