Why So Serious: The Internet No Fun Police Turned A Funny Viral Video To Serious Think Pieces

Last week, the funniest viral video ever feel into our lap courtesy of the BBC. If you haven’t seen it, do you live under a rock? Watch it now.

If you can’t watch it now, here’s a little background to the video:

BBC was interviewing a man via Skype while he was in his home. There was a discussion about North and South Korea. Serious stuff. It seemed like the same old interview BBC has done millions of times.

And then magic happens.

In the video, you can see the door to the man’s study slow open and in walks his daughter, striding in with swagger towards her dad. Her dad notices the child when the BBC host mentions it. The man being interviewed basically stiff arms his daughter from view of the camera and tries to continue with the interview.

You think that was the worst part?

Nope. In the background, the man’s a toddler strapped in a stroller comes in through the open door. At this point, it’s looks like things couldn’t get any worse.

Nope! Wrong again. The mom, probably realizing that the kids are in dad’s study doing his interview,  races in like a Nascar driver and with cat like reflexes, grabs the toddler in the stroller and grabs the daughter while she’s on her knees on the ground and successful takes both kids out of the room.

The poor dad can’t keep it together and keeps apologizing for the interruption.

Top 10 best viral video of the year. The video was has been watched almost 20 million times. We all had a laugh. Everything should be fine.

But the internet just can’t let a good thing go. Before you knew it, the party poopers and no fun police had to come in and be all serious with the video.

Soon enough, people writing blogs and think pieces, wondering why people assumed the man’s wife was Asian was NOT his wife. Why does an Asian woman in a white person’s house taking care of the kids be a nanny?

Really guys? You’re really going to bring race into this and write stuff about gender and race?

Unfortunately, everything on the internet is being over-analyzed. Thanks to Twitter and social media, everyone has a hot take on every single thing that happens on the internet.

I used to do that but then I realized that my life would be so much better if I focused on the funnier things in life and let that go.

Stop over-analyzing everything internet. Let’s all have a moment of laughter when things like this happen. Stop being the No fun police.


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