Transitioning…90% Complete: Say Hello To Tech Nova

So over the past few months, I said I was working on something cool. I then followed up that this blog was going through a transition.

Well, I can reveal what’s been happening behind the scenes. I have a pretty busy schedule but I think this is worth it, even if it means lack of sleep.

So the new venture I’m working is called: Tech Nova.

What is Tech Nova? It’s basically an evolution of this blog. It’s a website which is going to focus on technology in Ghana. But it’s going to feature more imagery and more videos. I’ve been using the free version of WordPress for a while now but I thought an upgrade was necessary because the free version had some restrictions which I felt was stopping me from being more creative.

So what will be on the new site? I hope to feature more stories involving technology and its application in Ghana. I’m also working on more video content and more imagery. Expect more think pieces and opinion pieces as well.

Sometimes these large projects can be a bit daunting. So I’m working on building a small team of technology enthusiasts to help contribute to the site. You always need a good team behind you for some of these projects.

I’ve always loved websites like and Engadget and I hope to emulate those sites but tell the stories of technology in Ghana.

Will this succeed? God I hope so! It’s always daunting to try and invest in something like this. But I’m playing the long game with a venture like this.

But for now, baby steps.

Here’s a little sneak preview of some of the content and features which will be on Tech Nova:

Expect a written feature on this when Tech Nova officially launches.

You can follow Tech Nova on social media where we’ll post all articles, videos and stories.

Twitter: @TechNovaGh

Facebook: TechNovaGh

The website launches soon. You can bookmark the site:

Transitioning is almost complete….




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