WhatsApp Text Updates Are Coming Back!

Power to the people!

After WhatsApp rolled out it’s “Snapchat” update where users had to use pictures, gifs and videos instead of text for their status updates, I went on a rant, asking WhatsApp to give bring back the text status update feature.

It looks like me and several other people got our voices heard. After feedback from users, WhatsApp is bringing back text updates. We did it guys!



Now, the new status update feature where you can use pictures and videos will still be there but at least users can now use text as well.

In the end, that’s all what users want: Options. You can’t just remove a popular feature from your app and not get backlash.

I’m glad the feature is back. Now don’t do it again WhatsApp.

Stop trying to copy Snapchat and use all their features in all your products Mark Zuckerberg!


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