Internet Explorer Ready To Make Comeback With IE9

credit to Long Zheng

Internet Explorer has becoming laughing stock of the Web Browsering world. Even though IE has more market share, many people regularly use the ever popular and growing Firefox, and Google Chrome which is also becoming popular. Opera is an up and coming and Safari is coming. Most of these browsers are faster than IE but Microsoft can actually brag that IE is more secure but a lot of people aren’t listening.

Microsoft is in the middle of their annual developer conference at PDC 09 and they’ve have been talking about new things they’ve been working on.

They announced that they have been working on Internet Explorer 9 as well as Silverlight 4. They briefly spoke about IE9 but they had some interesting things.

Microsoft has been working on making IE9 HTML 5 compatible and working on improving Javascript performance.

Microsoft is always making promises to improve their web brower. IE8 is not bad but it still doesn’t measure up to Firefox and the extremely fast Google Chrome.

But Microsoft has been making some good stuff. Windows 7 is a blast to use and the new Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is looking very good. If they use the strategy of publicly releasing beta software for the public to use and gather feedback, the release of Internet Explorer 9 Beta to the public might make it successful.

We’ll wait and see…

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