Road To Perdition? Tough Road Ahead For Uber In Ghana As They Get Ready To Launch In Accra

This sounds like Easy Taxi all over again….

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the  billionaire dollar, on demand car service company Uber, which has managed to build in countries like Nigeria and Kenya knows something I don’t and is ready to take over Ghana.

But then why is my skepticism still high?

Maybe because EasyTaxi was supposed to the local version of Uber. But they crashed and burned. Maybe because I don’t think the Ghanaian market is ready for an on demand car service.

Will Ghanaians really pull out their smartphones to call for an Uber when they can simply just walk on the streets for a minute and hail a taxi? Are Ghanaians willing to pay for that convenience?

What about the payment aspect of using Uber. How is payment going to be done? In cash? Credit card? I don’t see a lot of Ghanaians paying for items with credit card even if I think it’s the most effiecient way to pay for services.

Then, we have to think about background checks for Uber drivers and trust issues.

Why would you really trust a stranger in a car to take you to your specified location?

I have way too many questions and not enough answers.

But Uber is apparently ready to roll out. Will they be met with open arms or just be tossed by the wayside.

We’ll just have to wait and see.




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