What EA Needs To Make Madden 11 The Best Football Game EVER!

Madden 10 was released and it was praised. I got my copy of Madden and played till I couldn’t feel my fingers. In honesty, after playing Madden 09 and Madden 10, you could tell there’s was a difference. The slowed down and slightly improved graphics of the players were noticeable. But if you really looked hard enough and looked past the additions of a couple of presentation styles made to the game, you could say that guys at Madden 10 didn’t put a lot into this game.

I’m not saying they didn’t do a good job but rather that Madden has much more potential to be a better game, in both presentation and gameplay.

If you’ve seen what’s upcoming in NCAA Basketball 10, you could wonder: Why the hell can’t EA incorporate a presentation style like that in Madden?? Last time I checked, they have the ESPN license.

If EA doesn’t include better features in Madden 11, it will not be on my shopping list next year.

What The People Want:

1. Better Broadcast Elements

There needs to be more television elements in Madden. EA actually put in a good effort this year with Madden but it seemed a little minimal. The Extra Point segment needs to be refined and the commentary needs a LOT of work. A little more television broadcast style is needed. It would be nice to see a little ESPN integration. How about more conversational commentary when playing a game? Is that too much to ask?

2. Better Commentary

I think it’s ok to say that the commentary in Madden 10 SUCKED out loud. I don’t even listen to the commentary anymore when I play Madden. This needs work FAST. Like yesterday

3. Better Be A Pro Mode

All sports like FIFA and NHL all seem to have this nailed down but Madden seems to be lacking a bit. In all honesty, there doesn’t seem to be enough incentive to play this mode. EA needs to re-create this  and make it more appealing

4. Customized Plays

I know that this will be a hit for hardcore players. I checked out FIFA 10 and they have an option where you can customize plays for free kicks. How about some customized plays for Madden 11. The option to change plays is cool during live plays by using audibles but I think it would be more fun if you could make your own playbook.

5. Keep Working On Online Play

How about penalizing people who quit abruptly when they are taking a whopping? Don’t you hate it when you’re winning an online game and the other player just quits or “pulls the plug” and they don’t even get the W? The Madden team need to penalize people for hurting other players play experience.

If EA put these features and fix others in Madden 11, it could really make Madden a better game experience.

Check out IGN’s take on Madden 11.


39 thoughts on “What EA Needs To Make Madden 11 The Best Football Game EVER!

  1. 4. Customized Plays <<<<<< i kinda agree with question 4, creating your own playbook seemed to create glitches in the game, so I'm against glitches….
    But how about create your own playbook from all the plays from all 32 NFL playbooks and while I'm at it, create like 5 slots so you can save any ones game and call it something like madden 11 film study room and have madden or chris what ever his name is break down the plays and tell you what you should of called against that play and how many times they ran same play ect…. example im playing for super bowl this week in my francheese lol and i have no clue how this person plays so something like that would be great for madden..

  2. It should also try to put in CBS, Fox, and NFL network also and while your game is loading you should have some of the broadcasters talking about the game and peoples stats and you should be able to choose if you want Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Saturday or holiday games

  3. definatly better presentation… new commentator at least. chris collingsworth is terrible. the playbook thing is sweet. they had it in older versions no reason they shouldnt now.

      1. Yes, obviously you have never played football before, all the jerseys are tight unless its farve,brady or manning, jerseys are so tight they don’t move thats the point

  4. the coaches on da sideline shoudl be rlly into it likk wen da team does a good play it should show the coach happy or wen the team does somthing bad it should show the coach emotions also madden gotta have everybody signature moves and on the sunday and monday night games it should have the players sayin there names and colleges just like the real games

  5. madden should also have better hits better jukes it should have the lead blocker to just likk the other maddens and when yu score the players should be able 2 go into the stands dats a big glitch in da game make the new madden 11 the realest yu kan makk it

  6. I THINK ONLINE AFTER A PEESON QUIT U SHOULD JUST B ABLE 2 SUPERSIM LIKE NCAA cause nobody feels like playn a whole game

  7. the commentary suked dik this year they didnt even try most of it was from 09 if u noticed an y couldnt they go into the booth an show the announcers like after a timeout with a skip option acourse i mean come on give the rivalries sum feel letem push each other a bit like finegan an johnson that gives the game realism

  8. I think they could make a change with the retirements, In ESPN NFL 2004 you could talk a player out of retirement..In madden they just choose to retire and that that sucks for you. CHANGE THAT. I’m a Colts fan and Peyton Manning is getting older I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let him retire so I can have the New Colts leading quarterback Jim Sorgi Take over.

  9. I think on online rivary games should be more realistic like fights should breakout and it should let u be able to do warm-ups

  10. Well i think you should take the superstar a little farther such as going to the gym and when its time to negotiate your contract you should be able to sit down with the manager and your agent. We should be able to buy something with the money that we earned like buying houses and buying cars and jewelery. Make it real.

  11. fuckin ea. they are cheap fucks!training your players was one of the best features madden has to offer. i love the bears but j cutler is a bum. i should be able to make him better in my franchise. not this stupid fuckin player progression shit. how fuckin cheap is ea?! they removed a few things but added some good things. way better graphics congrats! but comentating is HORRIBLE!same shit over and over again. ohhhh my favorite comment is when im beating the shit out of the patrios then tom brady makes one throw and they praise him like he just won the superbowl! OHH ANOTHER OF MY FAVES IS WHEN THE LAST 4 SECONDS OF THE GAME DOWN BY 3 AND I BOMB ONE OUT TO HESTER FOR A TOCUHDOWN AND ALL THEY SAY IS….” what a nice catch by the reciever whoms name we dont know cuz ea was to cheap to have us say the name when we were recording these lines.” fuck you ea!!! and the replays are retarded without commentary!its like watching a fuckin silent movie!if you dont clean this shit up next year you can suck my puerto rican dick bitch! and if your wondering how many times i cursed in this comment…its 11!fuck you!…………12….someone please make sure the head of EA gets this. Thank you.

    Julian Cortes
    1 773 603 0096


  12. well i was thinking of putting ESPN and them talking about what the game would be like and i would like it where you put in the madden ultaminit team allready downloaded on it. Like i dont have xbox live and i want it on 10 but..

  13. How about they just mimic every thing u see on a tv brodcast including comercials. Make running the ball how it should be, low and then high, and not straight up. 2 real reciever catches depending where the ball is thrown. 3 A true brodcast angle that zooms in and out appropriately. 4 commentary, Shoot Hammond. Seriously can we just stone him or something. 5. More options on equipment, flack vests,and backplates,different neck braces. I could go on but my head hurts thinking about it. BUT STONE HAMMOND for GODs SAKE.

  14. madden needs to put back everything they had back in 07 far as franchise mode goes for people who dont play online. like being able to build ur team a new staduim wit out moving them out of the state! and players morale an holdouts, player progression was every 4 weeks! u could turn a 7th round pick into a star if u wanted to! turn the news paper into espn.com for each team jus up grade it, and have the nfl network crew do the every week wrap up and show highlights from the games! 2k did that back on ps2! come on madden step ur shit up. we cant even edit players builds we draft my player was 365 lbs but looked like a cornerback! player tattoos would be nice! i can go on on for a while but we well see wat madden well do for 11

  15. They need to Put in the Pro Tak Feature again But upgarde it make it more unpredictable i mean look at the Game Backbreaker you never know whats going to happen in that use that stuff but dont make it a big hit on every play if i just push the stick down its always a big hit and take out fight for the fuble feature you could odveously have the ball and yet someone will get there 3 seconds l8r and just take it from me cuz i cant puch a button faster than them? CMON MAN!! and if ur game is on Fox that week they should allow you to get with Terry Bradshaw and the Gang and if it is on CBS they should show the pre game with there Crew all these features would make madden the best football game ever but it needs alot of work

  16. FUCK MADDEN! How the fuck nccaa get cheerleaders and mascots, but madden doesn’t?!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK EA, I’m so fucking pissed of how stupid they fucking are.

  17. alright EA take some advice from 2k football games, the positiong and how the players head follows the ball none of this magical cathing stuff over the head with out looking thats not possible.

    1- Better Graphics/ clean it up the jerseys need to look more reall instead of tucking the jersey in and making it look like somthings gonna come out his stomach, also u can add tail pads for the lower back , make it so the jerseys have the holes like reall jerseys and look reall,
    the shoulder pads dont need to stick out the much, make different styles not everone wears there pads the same way, and different sleeves, most QB’s dont wear the same sleeves as every one else theres are a bit longer, also under Armor sleeves make them all different lengths and colors

    make the game more realistic

  18. madden 11 need the the nfl mascots pumping the crowd some third and short at time in the game? and where the fire works after touchdown in the metro dome and the pa guy on the mic that a vikings first down(plus viking horn?) little detail like that in every staduim!!!! cheerleaders ect? one other thing where the under eye paint? will jared allen have the mullet? hook up detail better EA!!!! please!!!!

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